Supporting the Academic Model

Renaissance School Services recognizes that many charter school Heads and Boards have deep beliefs about the academic design of their schools.  In deference to those beliefs, we offer expert management of the non-academic functions of charter schools, in a way that is completely interwoven with the academic program of the school, so that the academic vision of the school can be fulfilled by the administration and board, and that operations support that vision.  RSS can help schools focus on the academics by leaving the operations management to us.

icon-research School Turnaround

Renaissance School Services is one of the most experienced school turnaround organizations in the country with extensive direct school management and...

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icon-research Operations Management

RSS works closely with charter school boards and Heads of School to bring comprehensive operational expertise to independent charter schools. With proprietary analytical tools...

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icon-research Research

Renaissance School Services conducts privately commissioned and syndicated research. RSS has worked with NewSchools Venture Fund and Mass Insight Education...

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