Renaissance’s senior staff present at professional conferences on issues related to school turnaround, academic instruction, board governance, working with SMOs (School Management Organizations), and SMO finance. Richard O’Neill, Renaissance’s president, is widely considered an expert on school finance and school turnaround. Lin Gordon is an expert in teaching reading.

  Recent Presentations Include:

National Association of Charter School Authorizers, Annual Conference, October, 2010, School Turnarounds: Strategy or Fantasy?

National Association of Charter School Authorizers, Annual Conference, October, 2010, Understanding the Differences: What Authorizers and Management Organizations Wish the Other Would Do

Beijing University of Business and Technology, October, 2010, Maximizing the Reading and Writing Effectiveness of University Students: A Perspective From Reading Research

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, National Charter School Conference, June, 2010, Helping Boards Understand Their Responsibilities & Work Successfully with Education Service Providers

New Jersey Public Charter Schools Association, Annual Conference, March, 2010, Turning Around a Failing Charter School

Princeton University, Students for Education Reform, February, 2010, Overview of School Management Organizations and Opportunities for Recent Graduates

National Association of Charter School Authorizers, Annual Conference, October, 2009, Working with School Management Organizations

"Nice job on this report. You really have gotten to a level of specificity in here that we haven't seen elsewhere. And interesting findings – especially the inferences you draw from linking inputs to outputs. (For example, that the four highest spenders on HR are among the "success cohort" in terms of student outcomes. That's as interesting to me as the other finding about SMOs that spent higher percentages on administration, generally, producing good outcomes.)"Andy Calkins, Senior Vice President, Mass Insight Education & Research Institute, Boston
"We got a number of 'aha's' from the report. We broke it down to our needs: revenue, governance, fees, academics. These 'aha's' opened our minds and eyes to things we might take a second look at, including looking at size and how to create sub-networks, and the economy of scale/quality of service issue. This economy of scale issue is critical to us, and this report is causing us to think about our organization and our strategies in new ways."Al Andino, VP for Strategic Partnerships, Institute for Student Achievement, New York
"The report was very well structured and captured in detail the operations of our organization and the key drivers of cost. It would become an even more powerful benchmarking tool if more organizations joined the study so we could have a more representative sample of organizations to compare ourselves from each State."Marco Petruzzi, President and Chief Operating Officer, Green Dot Public Schools, Los Angeles
"This study better educates the public, more specifically foundations, public school districts, and elected officials, on the various educational and management practices used by charter schools. As a result, these types of studies help further strengthen the charter school movement by promoting these entrepreneurial and diverse practices of a pool of successful national charter school operators."Juan Rangel, CEO, United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) and President, UNO Charter School Network (UCSN)