Other Research

A new report on issues in CMO (Charter Management Organization) finance was released by the National Charter School Research Project based on a symposium convened by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Center of Reinventing Public Education (CRPE). Richard O’Neill, RSS’s president, was one of twenty national experts convened to address CMO financial issues. Among the issues addressed in the report are those about scalability, growth, financial requirements, reliance on philanthropy, and CMO business modeling. Much of the report confirms in general terms the more specific financial information and editorial comment found in RSS’s Annual Survey & Analysis of SMOs (School Management Organizations).

To link to the Center of Reinventing Public Education CMO finance report, click here. To link to information on RSS’s Annual Surveys, click here.

"The conclusions were interesting and provocative. The connection between cost per pupil and achievement was extremely timely and we are in the middle of a review of that. We want to move our students faster. This will help. Also useful are the implications around philanthropy and growth and's been really helpful to have this as part of our strategic planning, especially the link between investment and student outcomes."Lucretia Murphy, Executive Director, See Forever Foundation and Maya Angelou Public Charter Schools, Washington
"We found the report filled with useful information. Our board has asked me to re-review the report and identify the most critical benchmarks our organization should be measuring itself against."Ron Manderschied, Vice-Chair of the Board, Noble Network of Charter Schools, Chicago
"We got a number of 'aha's' from the report. We broke it down to our needs: revenue, governance, fees, academics. These 'aha's' opened our minds and eyes to things we might take a second look at, including looking at size and how to create sub-networks, and the economy of scale/quality of service issue. This economy of scale issue is critical to us, and this report is causing us to think about our organization and our strategies in new ways."Al Andino, VP for Strategic Partnerships, Institute for Student Achievement, New York
"This study better educates the public, more specifically foundations, public school districts, and elected officials, on the various educational and management practices used by charter schools. As a result, these types of studies help further strengthen the charter school movement by promoting these entrepreneurial and diverse practices of a pool of successful national charter school operators."Juan Rangel, CEO, United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) and President, UNO Charter School Network (UCSN)