Commissioned Research

RSS has produced commissioned research with NewSchools Venture Fund and Mass Insight Education & Research Institute on charter management organizations and school turnaround efforts.

NewSchools Venture Fund report
>> Considering School Turnarounds: Market Research and Analysis

Mass Insight's Education & Research Institute reports
>> Mass Insight's The Turnaround Challenge -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
>> The Turnaround Challenge -- FULL REPORT.

icon-research School Turnaround

Renaissance School Services is one of the most experienced school turnaround organizations in the country with extensive direct school management and...

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icon-research Operations Management

RSS works closely with charter school boards and Heads of School to bring comprehensive operational expertise to independent charter schools. With proprietary analytical tools...

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icon-research Research

Renaissance School Services conducts privately commissioned and syndicated research. RSS has worked with NewSchools Venture Fund and Mass Insight Education...

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