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Important on-page SEO factors

In recent years, other Internet marketing channels have appeared, taking sizable bites of the online marketing pie. Top Ten Important on-page SEO factors. Many shifted their online campaigns to some very popular channels like social media marketing and dropping their SEO efforts without carefully analyzing real data.

Why is important On-page SEO

Google or other prominent search engines know - who are you and that you should be at the top of the search results when your keywords are entered in by help of on-page SEO. If you have no on page SEO website, than your website is not crawl on google and no value of your website in google or other prominent search engines...

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How to use SCSS style in HTML?

Unfortunately, you can’t directly insert an SCSS (Sassy CSS) file into your HTML. That’s because SASS is a preprocessor of CSS3's syntax, which is not supported by web browsers. While SCSS offers many handy features for developers that do not exist in native CSS such as inheritance, nesting, logic statements, mixins, and more, it also limits you from having a link to the .scss file in your HTML page.
So to take full advantage of all the incredible features offered by SCSS in your HTML page, you’ll first have to compile it down to CSS.
In html file insert the .css files which was generated by the .scss file with the help of third party tool like koala, Scott and by the command prompt by sass watch query.

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