R S Services
R S Services

About R S Services

Our company provides a better platform to our customers so that they can live a better life. You can register with the company and join their wide network of distributors.Our Company is a multilevel marketing Company that provides a means to earn better value for our customers.Our Company is a big name in the industry sector.Each Company has its own advantage and limitaions. But our company has own advantage and limitaitions is better to other company. Choose the best marketing compensation plan for your business.

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Using the best network marketing tools Vision has worked out its unique business offer that is the foundation of the VISION business



Mission of our company is to advise our customers to do good work in our company and to increase our business and stay connected with us for a long time and earn good money for a better life.



Our Plan

1st Round
Member Per Member Profit Total Profit
2 100 200
4 100 400
8 100 800
16 Upgrade 2nd round+1 Re-entry
Total = Rs 1400/-